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The Two State Solution
Last uploaded : Monday 19th Nov 2012 at 23:13
Contributed by : Howard Sherrington


The editor:

Everyone agrees that the solution to the conflict in Gaza is THE TWO STATE SOLUTION. But now everybody agrees this is unlikely to happen.

There is a simple solution but it needs to be passed by the United Nations. It was the United nations which created the State of Israel in 1947,but the Arab nations refused to accept this and went to war hoping to drive the Jews into the Sea, causing the Palestinian refugee problem which continues to this day, 64 years later. Before 1922 the land occupied by Jordan and Palestine was all one region called Palestine. The River Jordan provided a natural border . In 1922 the territory on the East Bank was renamed -Transjordan and so after 1922 what had been one country became 2 countries Transjordan and Palestine. Move the clock forward ninety years and return Jordan to its original name Palestine.. You now have a perfect 2 state solution – Palestine on the East Bank and Israel on the West Bank. The original partition of the west bank into Israel and West Bank and Gaza was a compromise solution, which has proven a failure. It never made any geo-economic sense. The borders were indefensible. Instead of creating yet another Arab state- there are already 20 Arab States, recognise Jordan as the new Palestinian State where 3 million Palestinians already live. After 1948 the Palestinians were all given Jordanian nationality as Jordan appropriated the West Bank. This was later withdrawn, but the withdrawal can be reversed just as easily leaving the West Bank Palestinians with Jordanian nationality. The United Nations should decree the change of name of Jordan to Palestine and the problem is solved.

The next step to cement the Peace is economic development by building the Red- Dead Sea canal using Palestinians as the labour force.

When built it will provide a cheap inexhaustible source of Hydro –electric power thus turning a poor country into a rich one. The reward to Jordan for accepting the change in its name to Palestine.

Howard Sherrington



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